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I decided for a change of pace with this trip. I wanted somewhere I could count on running water, a soft bed, and flushing toilets. Sicily was all that and more. Plus I managed to squeeze in three days in Rome. Sicilian History 101: The very basics. Aside from some bronze age sites, the history of Sicily really begins with the Greeks and Punics. Eastern Sicily was colonized by Greeks starting in the 8C BC - first at Syracuse, then quickly spreading west. The Punics from Carthage settled Western Sicily. The Romans conquered both groups between 300 and 200 BC. Then came the Moslems, followed by the Normans in the 1100's. eventually followed by the Italians (1861), Germans, and the US. Comments on Photos: I classify a lot of my photos from this trip as "I was there" type shots. I don't have too many that are really outstanding or special. I have avoided publishing any of the colosseum or Vatican - mine look like everyone else's. I did get into the fountains in Rome - so I have a few of those shots below.

From Sicily, I have published enough shots to give you an idea of the place - at least the archeological sites.

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